"Walking on Eggshells" by Marie-Josée Bergeron

“Walking on Eggshells” by Marie-Josée Bergeron

Today’s SPECTRUM Spotlight shines on Marie-Josée Bergeron, an award-winning Quebecois artist who is strongly influential in the Montreal arts scene. Above, you’ll see one of her works: “Walking on Eggshells,” a vibrant, 18″ x 24″ mixed media piece on Terraskin paper.

Delicate yet bold, Marie-Josée’s artwork contains a symphony of shapes, visual textures, colors and patterns that combine to form a perfect harmony. She is deeply influenced by the natural world and is always on the lookout for new sources of inspiration.

I am constantly looking for textures to feed my work… Bark, paper, metal, stone, wood, fabrics are some of the special items. I see the canvas as a surface and not as a framework where an image predominates. What interests me is the flatness of a “playground” I can explore in all directions. It becomes an excuse to experiment with the material, which is a completely intuitive and spontaneous process.

Marie-Josée worked for 15 years in design, and in 2010 began to devote herself full-time to painting. She has established a joint technical education (program www.ateliermjb.com ) and is one of the organizers of the 4th and 5th edition of the Rallye des Galeries. She also works as a volunteer for the Montreal Association, Artscène, which connects art and people from the business community. She has claimed numerous awards for her work, including honors for excellence at the International Design Fair of Montreal and an honorable mention from the Museum of Fine Arts in Mont St-Hilaire. She was selected in 2011 as a guest artist for Culture Days, where she claimed a Desjardins award.

You can learn more about Marie-Josée and explore her work at www.mariejoseebergeron.com. Better yet, visit her in person and see her works up close at SPECTRUM Miami December 3-7 in the heart of Miami. Get tickets now. See you there!

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