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“Rock, Paper, Scissors” by Kevin Box, Selby Fleetwood Gallery
Cast stainless steel, cast bronze on granite
11″ x 36″ x 35″

Origami’s a tricky art form, what with all the intricate planning and precise folding. Imagine, then, how much more challenging it would be to do it in bronze, aluminum or stainless steel, like sculptor Kevin Box.

My work celebrates the delicate nature of paper in museum-quality metal. I began my career as a papermaker, printmaker and graphic designer. The passion I have for paper, the ideas, philosophy and history it has captured for centuries, continued with me when I transitioned into sculpture.

Selby Fleetwood Gallery — Flight of Folds

“Flight of Folds” by Kevin Box, Selby Fleetwood Gallery
Cast stainless steel with powder-coated finish
Collaboration with Robert J. Lang
93″ x 98″ x 98″

Kevin begins every piece with a blank sheet of paper and manages it through a 35-step, 12-week process of casting with the help of fine art foundry teams. By experimenting directly with paper and wax and working in a lost wax foundry for several years, Kevin developed an “organic burnout” process—specifically for paper—that captures all of its intimate details. The technique took him two years of tireless experimentation to develop and seven years to perfect.

Many of the works are designed to withstand the elements outside—and fingertips.

Please touch; I invite you to explore the work in its physical form. Be touched; I invite you to discover the meaning of the work, the stories and ideas beneath its surface. Origami, paper planes, crumpled ideas and innovative abstraction are all themes that inform the surface of my work.

Every piece has a title, a reason, and a purpose in contributing to the story I am telling beneath the surface. Motivating the content of the work are my concepts of truth, my philosophy of chaos and consciousness, creation and evolution, the process of creativity and our relationships and responsibilities to one another.

Kevin will be joining us through Selby Fleetwood Gallery at SPECTRUM Miami and sharing an innovative array of new works. We invite you to stop by, see the works and feel free to ask him any questions you may have. In the interim, you can learn more about the artist and gallery at and

Kevin Box- Living Waters

“Living Waters” by Kevin Box, Selby Fleetwood Gallery
Cast bronze and fabricated stainless steel
12″ x 7″ x 10″

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