Mario Gonzalez Jr-ZZ

“Jr-ZZ” by Mario Gonzalez, 33 Contemporary Gallery, exhibiting with ArtSpot

We are thrilled to announce that SPECTRUM Miami will be hosting ArtSpot International Art Fair—a show within a show—this year!

ArtSpot International Art Fair is a stand-alone event hosted this year in Miami inside the Spectrum Miami Art Fair. The show is replicating a model introduced to the Miami art community last year, and will present carefully selected modern, contemporary and cutting-edge galleries with strong curatorial programs.

Barbara Rosenzweig — Untitled 0132

“Untitled 0132” by Barbara Rosenzweig, Current Art Group USA – Art Projects, exhibiting with ArtSpot.

The fair’s director is Aldo Castillo, owner of Aldo Castillo Projects. The company aims to offer a focused platform where galleries, artists, and the supporters of the arts are joined and showcased in a trustworthy environment.

Maria Fernanda Lairet — BRIC

“BRIC” by Maria Fernanda Lairet, Current Art Group USA – Art Projects, exhibiting with ArtSpot.

To learn more about this exciting fair, visit and to learn more about Aldo Castillo, visit

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