Gilbert V. Boro — Pipehenge I/10, Red

Above: “Gilbert V. Boro — Sirocco II/8 Multi Color — Studio 80 +

Remember all the fun you had as a kid, swinging on the monkey bars? You just might feel the urge again when you see some of Gilbert Boro’s sculptures. “Sirocco II/8 Multi Color” for instance, features shiny, cool metal curves that beg to be touched. As visually playful as its tongue-in-cheek name suggests, “Sirocco” also holds a certain power: the ability to evoke childlike joy and creativity.

Said art critic Jason E. Boro:

[There is] something unique about Gilbert’s sculpture: the artist includes the viewer in the work. No longer a detached observer, you feel like a child again, wanting to climb and stroke and remain inside the forms. And you are calm. These strong, open, touchable structures are protective but never constricting.

Gilbert’s work focuses on the interplay between color, space, place and scale. His sculptures range from geometric forms and benches to wave forms and pieces that feature curves, beams and a ball. Spatially bold conversation pieces, they invite and intrigue.

Born in New York City, Gilbert has had a lifelong interest in the arts. His distinguished career has spanned more than 40 years, and his works have been shown and collected by individuals, corporations and foundations in Chicago, IL; Carmel, CA; Brookline, MA; Lebanon, NH; Brockton, MA; Rutland, VT; Denver, CO; Newton, MA, Peakview, CO; Naples, FL; Boston, MA; San Diego, CA; Old Lyme, CT; and Monaco.

He has received two traveling fellowships and has held many visiting teaching positions. He also invests much of his time in nonprofit arts groups.

You can see Gilbert Boro’s — Studio 80 + work this December at SPECTRUM Miami, from December 4-8 in Midtown Miami. For now, find him online at

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