Gallery Tableau, Bloom No.54

Shown above: “Bloom No. 54” by Kim, Hee Kyun
100 × 100 × 11 cm, Korean Paper
Tableau Art Company

Today’s SPECTRUM Spotlight shines on Kim, Hee Kyun, who’s exhibiting at SPECTRUM Miami this December with Korea-based Tableau Art Company.

The artist’s delicate, sculpted paper blooms are at once contemporary, yet steeped in tradition—just the kind of works Tableau Art Company likes to represent. The gallery has an unmatched reputation in Korea for having launched the careers of many of the country’s top contemporary artists, both nationally and internationally. Established in 2005, Tableau Art Company exhibits a wide range of different types of art, including painting, sculpture, installation art, mixed media and more.

Tableau Art Company has played a pivotal role in helping draw international attention to the world of Korean art, and we’re looking forward to hosting them here in Miami this December. For now, find them online at

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