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After we wrap up a show, our favorite thing is to hear the glowing reviews that come in from our exhibitors and attendees in the days following. Here are a few takeaways from the premiere of Spectrum Miami!

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  • "Spectrum Miami 2017 was an amazing event. Well-attended and the quality of the attendees was adequate and what was expected. Thank you and the Spectrum team for all the help provided and for making the experience an enjoyable one. I look forward to continuing exhibiting with Redwood Media Group." —Yorka Ralwins, gallery director of Ralwins Art Gallery

    Yorka Ralwins Ralwins Art Gallery
  • "I want to thank you and the Redwood Media Group for the great opportunity you gave me and let you know that it was wonderful. I made several connections and clients." —Alicia Rodriguez, Spectrum Miami 2017 LaunchPad Artist

    Alicia Rodriguez LaunchPad Artist
  • "Thank you for forwarding guest passes this year. It was greatly appreciated and an outstanding arts season!" —Catherine Cathers, arts and culture specialist, Historical Resources & Cultural Arts Department, City of Coral Gables, Florida

    Catherine Cathers City of Coral Gables
  • "First, I'd like to say I feel honored to be accepted in Spectrum—my very first exhibition. Thank you! Second, I was very impressed with all the fabulous art. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience—just wish I would have sold something. But still happy with the outcome, and I feel I did what I set out to do: Get my art seen." —Teresa Bass, Rising Artist exhibitor

    Teresa Bass Rising Artist Exhibitor
  • "Thank you for the many years we have been exhibiting and selling in your fairs. For us, they are always excellent. We visited other fairs in Miami in December, but many close on Sunday, and many fairs should close forever because they do not sell art. It seems the market of prints, clothes, household items (AQUA), along with other fairs (PULSE) were only exhibitions. On Saturday afternoon, it looked like the Sahara Desert. You could not even see if you paid them to enter." —Deborah Petroni of Galleria Wikiarte

    Deborah Petroni Galleria Wikiarte
  • "It has been my favorite and most successful show." —H. Allen Benowitz, of Benowitz Fine Art Photography

    H. Allen Benowitz Benowitz Fine Art Photography
  • "We had a great time at Spectrum and Red Dot and enjoyed it very much. We zeroed in on a couple of dealers we will be talking with in the coming days, and we look forward to attending the shows in the future." —Steven Bennett (collector)

    Steven Bennett Attendee
  • "Staff, and especially Anthony, was so helpful and genuinely involved with our experience being such a great one. We sold everything! I'm down to only two pieces left in inventory, so definitely a great experience!" —Doug Powell of Puzzle Art

    Doug Powell Puzzle Art
  • "Being able to meet and talk with the artist is really going be valuable in future. It’s an advantage that Spectrum and Red Dot have over many of the shows. Many people commented they like Spectrum better than Basel and felt the energy of Spectrum was more inviting and fun. In fact, one of the collectors who bought one of my pieces had purchased a piece at Art Basel the day before. He said he liked Spectrum much better because of being able to talk and meet the artists. I really believe you get lot more energy when artists are representing their work." —Kris Gebhardt of Gebhardt Gallery & Studio

    Kris Gebhardt Gebhardt Gallery & Studio
  • "I wanted to thank you! Miami Art Week went great, and the Spectrum Miami activation was a hit. We couldn’t have done it without your support and involvement! Thank you again, and we look forward to continuing working together in the year ahead. —Valentina Pecoraro of Lyft Marketing

    Valentina Pecoraro Lyft Marketing
  • "What an experience. So worth the time and investment already!" —Diane and Jay Shore of Jay Shore Collection

    Diane and Jay Shore Jay Shore Collection
  • "Thank you for having LIfe Is Art at Spectrum Miami again this year! Everyone had a blast. We gave out a billion or so stickers, the artists had great patron interaction, and we must be plastered across thousands of Instagram walls. Everyone was pleased. We look forward to working with you next year!" —James Echols, founding Director of Life Is Art

    James Echols Life Is Art
  • "We made three very good contacts, and all 66 artworks stayed in a great gallery in Wynwood in Miami. I am very satisfied. —Osvaldo Vitagliano of Sugar Loaf Comex

    Osvaldo Vitagliano Sugar Loaf Comex
  • "I just wanted to say thank you for an amazing experience. This was my first time exhibiting at an art show of this magnitude. I had the opportunity to not only display my work to the world but also to learn from experienced artists and galleries. I consider that to be priceless. Once again, thank you, and I wish the entire Redwood Media Group much success." —Ibrahim Badru of eyeObee ART

    Ibrahim Badru eyeObee ART
  • "This show is great! I will be doing Spectrum Miami for years to come. Opening Night is always a great night, spectacular crowds—all interested in art. The Redwood Media team are very professional, always there to assist and help with what you need to have a great show. It’s great! In fact, I only do the Redwood Media shows and I look forward to Artexpo New York 2017!"

    Jeffrey Bisaillon JBIS Contemporary
  • "We are honored to be at Spectrum Miami 2016! This is a great platform for an international exhibitor, where we can showcase beautiful art. We wanted to show these beautiful museum-level Chinese art pieces to the world. They are gorgeous and thank you for the opportunity. It has been successful for us!"

    Michael Chu Director, Huayuan Art
  • "Planet Fashion TV was excited to invite its VIP guests to the second annual “Art Loves Fashion” Miami Art Week soiree for the Opening Night Preview of Spectrum Miami and Red Dot Miami art shows. It was a great evening—and we thank the RMG team for all their support and hospitality in making it happen!"

    Celia Evans, Producer Planet Fashion TV
  • "Thank you very much for your partnership. We are very proud to partner with Red Dot Miami and Spectrum Miami. It was a fun week."

    Betty Alvarez South Florida Luxury Guide
  • "In the name of the Fortune Team, we would like to say we were very happy with the show. I have to say, that it was an excellent experience, from the organization to the setup, to the execution and the attendance. Your team was able to adjust all our requirements in the best time possible. They were great! And we were very happy with the venue. We would like to thank you for your support, and most definitely look forward to working together next year."

    Lola Saudino Fortune International/Canvas Condos
  • "I just wanted to say thank you so much for allowing me to have the Meet & Greet at the show and for being so nice and helpful. It was great!"

    Charles Gitnick Charles Arts
  • "I would like to thank you for all your support and kindness. I know this opportunity will bring a lot to my career and it inspires me to work harder to accomplish bigger dreams. I had a very good reaction from people and among my peers. And I have some good leads to follow up for sales and commissions. Thank you very much!"

    Luis A. Gutierrez Spectrum Miami 2016 LaunchPad Artist
  • "We are always so impressed at how hard everyone at RMG works to help people succeed! We are fortunate to have crossed paths. We really feel RMG has helped many people stay alive during the tough years when the art world was redefining itself. Many, many would have not made it without your group’s commitment and leadership. Bravo! We had 3 major sales at Spectrum Miami. And we just sold a large painting that was in the show to a CEO that we followed up with after the show. Delivering it to Naples on Christmas Eve. We thought it was an excellent show. We love doing the shows!"

    Angela and Kris Gebhardt Gebhardt Studios
  • "Spectrum Miami 2016 was great! There was good traffic, we had good sales. Thanks for everything!"

    Malcolm Smith, SOLO Exhibitor Malcolm Smith Studio
  • "We sold 3 pieces, including “Jack Nicholson.” We would rate the show a 10 and highly recommend it to others."

    Jonathan Brender Jonathan Brender Gallery
  • "There were lots of people, well organized! Saturday was my favorite day—it was busy all day and I sold my original "The Gates of Love”!"

    Patricia Coulter Patricia Coulter Studio
  • "Very good show, very well organized."

    Erminio Souza Studio Erminio Souza, Rising Artist Exhibitor
  • "This was a perfectly organized show. We sold 5 pieces and were quite happy with the results."

    Paul Chang Paul Chang Studio
  • "Everything was great. The show gets better every year."

    Kevin Grass Kevin Grass Fine Art

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