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Spectrum Spotlight: Elizabeth Opalenik

Tweet Some of Elizabeth Opalenik’s evocative photographs call to mind the lush, sensual portraits of Neo-classical painters like Bouguereau and Leighton—with a modern twist. Others hold a more surreal quality, seemingly dancing between dreamworld and reality. In all cases, her work is a celebration of form, movement and emotion. Raised on a farm in Western […]

Jordan Matter to Photograph Miami City Ballet Dancers at SPECTRUM Miami

Tweet Great news! Photographer Jordan Matter & the Miami City Ballet will be joining us at SPECTRUM Miami for a live photoshoot during the show (time and date TBA). No doubt you’ve seen images from Matter’s “Dancers Among Us” series in your Facebook newsfeed. “Breathtaking photos to free your imagination” is how ABC News’ Diane […]

Color, Space, Place & Scale: The Sculpture of Gilbert Boro — Studio 80 +

Tweet Above: “Gilbert V. Boro — Sirocco II/8 Multi Color — Studio 80 + Remember all the fun you had as a kid, swinging on the monkey bars? You just might feel the urge again when you see some of Gilbert Boro’s sculptures. “Sirocco II/8 Multi Color” for instance, features shiny, cool metal curves that […]