Exhibitor Booth Signage

Spectrum Miami 2018 Booth Signage Registration Form

Our booth signage form is now open. If you have any questions please contact us at signage@spectrum-miami.com

Information entered in the form below will appear on your booth ID blade signage.

  • The sign will be printed in all CAPITAL letters
  • Only the name of the contracted exhibitor may appear on the booth sign
  • One sign per contracted exhibitor
  • 11″ x 17″ blade sign will include gallery/exhibitor name, booth ID number, city, State/Province or Country

Exhibitor Signage – EXAMPLE ONLY

SMIA18 Booth Signage SAMPLE
Example Only
  • Booth Signage Information

  • Important: Please note that your booth id sign will include, the Exhibiting Name, City and State you input in these fields.

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