3 Artists Who Are Experimenting with Acts of Portrayal

You might never meet the subjects of these artists’ portraits, but through their works, you’ll connect with them. Check out these three artists who create portraiture with a fine art [...]

Meet the Artists Flying [SOLO] at Spectrum Miami

[SOLO] is an opportunity for emerging and mid-career independent artists to showcase their work to international audiences. An integral part of Spectrum Miami since 2016, [SOLO] has become the [...]

Featured Artist: Anthony Scime of Artblend

Anthony Scime, a young digital painter represented by RMG exhibitor and Spectrum Miami sponsor Artblend, has been creating art all his life—even before he truly understood what it was. “Designing [...]

Featured Gallery: Conde Contemporary

To immerse oneself in Cuban culture while still on the mainland, all one has to do is stroll down Calle Ocho, the main thoroughfare in Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood. Teeming with vibrantly [...]