3 Artists Who Are Experimenting with Acts of Portrayal

You might never meet the subjects of these artists’ portraits, but through their works, you’ll connect with them. Check out these three artists who create portraiture with a fine art [...]

See the World Through JuanCarlos rLora’s Mind’s Eye

JuanCarlos rLora’s best ideas come to him when he’s running. With each step, his mind wanders and his imagination fills with colors. During one of his runs two years ago, rLora paused [...]

Bruce Schuettinger: Putting the Art in Fine Art Furniture

At fine art shows, you wouldn’t be surprised to see paintings, sculpture, or work on paper. These days, fine art even includes film, photography, conceptual art, and printmaking. At [...]

Spectrum Spotlight: Marie-Josée Bergeron

Today’s SPECTRUM Spotlight shines on Marie-Josée Bergeron, an award-winning Quebecois artist who is strongly influential in the Montreal arts scene. Above, you’ll see one of her [...]

Spectrum Spotlight: Elizabeth Opalenik

Some of Elizabeth Opalenik’s evocative photographs call to mind the lush, sensual portraits of Neo-classical painters like Bouguereau and Leighton—with a modern twist. Others hold a more [...]

SPECTRUM Miami to Host ArtSpot—a Show within a Show

We are thrilled to announce that SPECTRUM Miami will be hosting ArtSpot International Art Fair—a show within a show—this year! ArtSpot International Art Fair is a stand-alone event hosted this [...]

SPECTRUM Spotlight: Kevin Box, Selby Fleetwood Gallery

Origami’s a tricky art form, what with all the intricate planning and precise folding. Imagine, then, how much more challenging it would be to do it in bronze, aluminum or stainless steel, like [...]

Color, Space, Place & Scale: The Sculpture of Gilbert Boro — Studio 80 +

Above: “Gilbert V. Boro — Sirocco II/8 Multi Color — Studio 80 + Remember all the fun you had as a kid, swinging on the monkey bars? You just might feel the urge again when you see some of [...]

Abstract Art Inspired by Google Earth: Ben Joyce’s “Abstract Topophilia”

Above: “Miami” by Ben Joyce When the Google team created Google Earth, they wanted to give users a bird’s eye view of the world. If you’ve ever fooled around with it, [...]

Spectrum Spotlight: Kim, Hee Kyun – Tableau Art Company

Shown above: “Bloom No. 54” by Kim, Hee Kyun 100 × 100 × 11 cm, Korean Paper Tableau Art Company Today’s SPECTRUM Spotlight shines on Kim, Hee Kyun, who’s exhibiting at [...]

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