Spectrum Miami is a juried show with an Exhibitor Committee consisting of four individuals with outstanding reputations in publishing and artist development. Strict hanging guidelines, aesthetics, and attention to detail will be enforced, providing a streamlined, crisp, and clean venue for gallery owners, designers, architects, and collectors to enjoy.

Sizing & Pricing

ColorBooth SizeSquare FeetPrice
Spectrum Miami Booth Swatch10ʼ RISING ARTIST WALL$2,695
Spectrum Miami Booth Swatch6'x10'60 SQ FT$3,495
Spectrum Miami Booth Swatch6'x12'72 SQ FT$4,195
Spectrum Miami Booth Swatch6'x20'120 SQ FT$6,695
Spectrum Miami Booth SwatchPREMIUM 6'x20'120 SQ FT$7,195
Spectrum Miami Booth Swatch6'x22'132 SQ FT$6,895
Spectrum Miami Booth Swatch6'x24'144 SQ FT$7,345
Spectrum Miami Booth Swatch8'x10'80 SQ FT$5,295
Spectrum Miami Booth Swatch10'x10'100 SQ FT$6,095
Spectrum Miami Booth Swatch10'x12'120 SQ FT$7,195
Spectrum Miami Booth Swatch10'x14'140 SQ FT$7,995
Spectrum Miami Booth Swatch10'x15'150 SQ FT$8,845
Spectrum Miami Booth Swatch10'x16'160 SQ FT$9,195
Spectrum Miami Booth Swatch10'x20'200 SQ FT$11,095
Spectrum Miami Booth Swatch10'x24'240 SQ FT$13,145
Spectrum Miami Booth Swatch10'x40'400 SQ FT$21,095
Spectrum Miami Booth Swatch20'x20'400 SQ FT$21,095
Spectrum Miami Booth SwatchFEATURED PLACEMENT:25 SQ FT$2,500
Spectrum Miami Booth SwatchDISCRETIONARY PLACEMENT:25 SQ FT$1,500
Ancillary Wall Space (10′ Wall)10 FT$1,850
Corner booths under 8 feet$400
Corner booths 8 feet or larger$750

Floor Plan


Booth Details

Additional booth size options are listed in the tables above.

  • Booth Sizes

  • Pricing

  • Square Footage
  • Number lights that are included in your booth package.Lights
  • Listing in our Show Catalog 'Exhibitor Directory' if registered by Sept.1, 2016.Show Program Exhibitor Listing
  • Unlimited Show Passes provided for your guests!Guest Show Passes
  • *One time booth cleaning before show opens!Booth Cleaning
  • *Includes one square 4′ table, two chairs and a wastebasket.Furniture Package
  • Sculpture Space

  • $1,500–$2,500

  • 240 SQ.FT
  • Rising Artist Space

  • $2,695

  • 10 FT WALL
  • 4
  • 6' x 10'

  • $3,495

  • 60 SQ.FT
  • 2
  • 6' x 20'

  • $6,695

  • 120 SQ.FT
  • 4
  • 10' x 10'

  • $6,095

  • 100 SQ.FT
  • 4
  • 10' x 15'

  • $8,845

  • 150 SQ.FT
  • 6
  • 10' x 20'

  • $11,095

  • 200 SQ.FT
  • 8
  • 10' x 24'

  • $13,145

  • 240 SQ.FT
  • 10
  • 10' x 40'

  • $21,095

  • 400 SQ.FT
  • 16
  • 20' x 20'

  • $17,995

  • 400 SQ.FT
  • 16
  • Display Wall Add-on

  • $1,750

  • This option is only available as an add-on to other existing booth packages.*10 FT WALL
  • 2
  • no

Please Note: Prices shown above reflect a 3% cash/check/wire discount. Discount does not apply if choosing to pay through credit card and/or PayPal.

Spectrum Miami features an architecturally designed floor plan with well-appointed booths and a central gathering area. Wide, spacious aisles allow for smooth flow of traffic and streamlined browsing. Explore our booth packages below.


Please note: A $400 or $750 premium will apply to all standard booth corners; price of premium depending on booth size.

(Prices shown above reflect a 3% cash/check/wire discount. Discount does not apply if choosing to pay through credit card and/or PayPal.)

You must submit an application to be considered for Spectrum Miami.


For more information or to reserve your booth, please contact one of our Sales Managers.

Rick Barnett
Managing Director
Exhibitions & Media Sales


Rosana Rader
Director of Sales/Exhibitions

Steve Cherng
Business Development Director
Asian Markets

Rita Popowicz
Business Development Director
Continental Europe, Russia, & Middle East


Download the Spectrum Miami Floor Plan for booth selection details.

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