Go Inside the Mind of Spotlight Artist Thomas Wargin

To view Thomas Wargin’s sculptures is to take a walk through his subconscious mind. Armed with a diverse array of skill sets and ideas and inspired by his imagination and childhood stories [...]

Meet the Artists Flying [SOLO] at Spectrum Miami

[SOLO] is an opportunity for emerging and mid-career independent artists to showcase their work to international audiences. An integral part of Spectrum Miami since 2016, [SOLO] has become the [...]

A Closeup Look at Spotlight Artist Paul Chang

Paul Chang started painting at a young age. Inspired by his surroundings in the luscious tropical country of Suriname, South America, Chang was only 11 years old when he won his first art [...]

3 Florida-based Artists Not to Miss at Spectrum Miami

With beautiful natural topography, gorgeous beaches, and iconic wildlife, Florida is a wondrous place. And these three Florida-based artists really capture the beauty of the Sunshine State in [...]

Spotlight Artist Shannon DeFreitas Goes Deep in Paint

Shannon DeFreitas dips her brush in fire-truck-red paint and gently puts it on her canvas. As paint trickles down, the canvas cracks a smile: It tickles. The canvas is a gorgeous brown-eyed [...]

From Tragedy to Triumph: Spotlight Artist Robert Peterson

Five years ago, Robert Peterson was a Goodyear production worker supporting his wife and three children when his doctor told him he needed to have a major surgery. Before leaving the hospital, [...]

From Monumental to Miniature: Sculpture at Spectrum Miami 2017

Looking for that perfect sculpture to add to your art collection? At Spectrum Miami, you’ll not only find smaller sculptures perfect for shelves and side tables but also larger works worthy [...]

A Spectrum of Work at Spectrum Miami 2017

The 2017 edition of Spectrum Miami will indeed present a spectrum of artists and galleries exhibiting a wide range of media, including paintings, photography, sculpture, glassworks, and more. [...]

Bruce Schuettinger: Putting the Art in Fine Art Furniture

At fine art shows, you wouldn’t be surprised to see paintings, sculpture, or work on paper. These days, fine art even includes film, photography, conceptual art, and printmaking. At [...]

Art After Dark at Spectrum Miami

Miami Art Week is the greatest gathering of contemporary art in the world, and at Spectrum Miami, we don’t ever want the festivities to stop—which is why we’re debuting Art After [...]

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